May 2012
8,000 Sqm Ware House
Triber has recently leased an 8000 sqm ware house in Lagos to store cocoa beans for export.

July 2012
Triber Foundation
Triber has setup Triber foundation, a charitable organization for Nigeria. The foundation activities will be focused in the areas of health, education, community projects and sports.

July 2012
Another 8,000 dwt to be acquired
Triber is set to acquire another 8000 dwt Oil tanker to service offshore clients mainly in fuel delivery. The company currently operates a 28,000 dwt oil tanker.

Aug 2012
Opening of new office in UK (Isle of Man)

Triber has recently opened an office in the Isle of Man, UK to drive the expansion of its oil trading activities.

Aug 2012
Affiliate Company

Triber has set up another affiliate company in Nigeria to explore and develop oil and gas reserves